2024 Golf Membership Applications - CLOSED


2024 Golf Membership Applications are now CLOSED

2025 Online Golf Applications will open in November.

Traditionally online applications open on the first Friday in November for 30 days
Please ensure to complete and submit your application together with your relevant letters of support before the closing date. Invalid applications will not be considered.
All NON-Elm Park Members or First Time Golf Applicant (including social and tennis members) MUST have 3 sponsors together with a letter of support from each sponsor.

NON Members who have applied previously MUST include 3 sponsors with a letter of support from each sponsor.  
Members with a previous 5 Day, Under 32, Student, Junior or Juvenile Golf Application
Transferee applicants ie members who have submitted one or more golf applications in the same category in the past need only submit ONE letter of support from one of your previous sponsors.
7 Day Golf Membership - Applications are invited from current 5 Day Golf Members only. 
5 Day Golf Member applicants are recommended to include a sponsor and 1 letter of support with their application.
5 Day Golf Membership - Candidates may indicate on their application form their interest in 7 Day Golf Membership should a vacancy arise – please indicate by ticking the relevant check box. 

7 Day Golf Members who wish to transfer to 5 Day Golf Membership should also ensure to complete the relevant application form including one letter of support.  
Overseas and Country Membership – This category is open to current golf members only
Under 40 Golf Membership - This category is open to current Under 32 Golf members only and must include one sponsor with a letter of support to accompany your application.

Age Restrictions -
Under 32, Student, Junior and Juvenile Golf Membership Applicants must have reached the following ages as at 1st January 2024

  • Under 32 Golf Membership - Open to applicants aged 26 to 31 years of age. 

  • Student Golf Membership - Open to applicants aged 18 – 25 years of age

  • Junior Golf Membership – Open to applicants aged 16 – 17 years of age

  • Juvenile Golf Membership - Open to applicants aged 11 – 15 years of age.


Eligible Sponsor are Members as defined in Article 2 (b) (1) of the Constitution, Ordinary Full 7 Day Golf,  5 Day Golf, Golf Associate, Full Tennis or All Sport Members with a minimum of 5 years membership in these categories. 
Eligible members are entitled to support candidates for election to the following categories:
2 x Adult Golf Membership Categories
2 x Under 40 Golf Membership –only open to current U32 Golf members.
2 x Student Golf (18-25yrs) and Under 32 (26-31yrs) Golf Membership Categories
2 x Juvenile (11-15yrs) / Junior (16-17yrs) Golf Membership categories from 11 to 18 years of age
Current Annual Subscriptions are available by emailing [email protected] 

Current Entrance Fees:
€23,000 All Sports / Full Golf
€17,250 Five Day Golf
€1,500 Tennis & Tennis Associate 
€400 Social
€700 Country & Overseas Golf 
€250 All other Junior Golf & Tennis Categories 

Membership Application queries contact
Email [email protected]
Tel 01 269 3438 (option 6)