Implementation of Competition Purse System - March 2021

The Men’s and Ladies Golf Clubs have decided to implement the use of the BRS Competition Purse system for our competition entry fees. We have used the BRS system for many years in Elm Park for our timesheet booking so members will be used to their software. The BRS Competition Purse has a number of advantages for us as members. It is easy and convenient to use and it will save time when checking in for competitions. Members will no longer need to have cash or card with them at check in. There will be a useful reduction in cash handling and reconciliations for Elm Park staff and a reduction in the possibility of errors. It will likely reduce the number of no shows for competitions. We will implement the Competition Purse for all Elm Park golf competitions including Monday Ladies, Tuesday All Category, Harriers/George Roe, Juniors, All Category Scrambles and all Invitational competitions. The Competition Purse is a fully integrated feature of the BRS system. Now when a member makes a Competition booking the member will be charged the Competition entry fee for themselves and their guests at the time the booking is made. The funds to pay the entry fee will be deducted from the individual member’s Competition Purse. Details on how to top up your Competition Purse are below.
The Competition Purse is replacing the current method of members & guests paying their competition entry fee on the day of the competition. This means that members will no longer pay their Competition entry fee using cash, credit or debit cards in the Pro Shop. Members must have sufficient funds in their Competition Purse when making their booking.
A member may still book a line for themselves and their fellow members and the entry fee for each member will be taken from their individual purses. Each member must have sufficient funds in their account at the time of booking or the booking of the line will be refused. The member must remove the member without funds before the booking will be accepted.
Topping up your Competition Purse
There are instructions in pictorial form in the attachment HERE l or follow the written instructions below.

You may use a Laptop, Desktop PC or Mac. You may also use a mobile phone, iPad or tablet device.

You will need your user name and password for the Elm Park Website and your BRS account.

You will also need a Debit or Credit card. For those members who don’t have access to a PC or a Smart phone then we will have one available for members use in the Caddymasters area.

You must log in to the BRS website. You may not Top Up via the BRS app.
Open a web browser on your laptop, PC, tablet or phone.

  • Go to the Elm Park Website and Log In as a member,
  • Go to the Golf Tab and Click on Book a Tee Time. This will take you to the BRS Website.
  • Alternatively you can go direct to the BRS website via;
  • Log in to the BRS system using your 8 digit Golf (GUI/ILGU) number and your password.
  • Using a PC - On the left hand side you will see an option – Competition Purse – Click on this.
  • Using a Mobile – you will see three horizontal lines in top right corner – touch this and a menu appears – Click on Competition Purse option.
  • You will see a Top Up button – Click on this. You may have to scroll across the page to find it.
  • Choose the amount you would like to Top Up with.
  • Confirm the amount by Clicking – Continue.
  • You will be brought to the – Payment Page.
  • Please enter your Debit or Credit Card Details and Click – Pay Now.

The next page that appears will Confirm Payment or inform if Payment has not been taken.

When you have got confirmation that you have funds in your Competition Purse you may book a slot in a competition in the normal way.
The BRS system currently does not accept Top Up Payments through their app. You must Log In to the BRS website page as described above.
How do I book a Competition timeslot in BRS using the Competition Purse?

  • All competitions will be created on BRS so that the competition entrance fee will be deducted from a Members Competition Purse at the time of booking.

  • On BRS, where a Member books other Members onto a line, then each Member will be charged the entrance fee from their individual Competition Purse.

  • During the booking process BRS will check that each Member has sufficient funds in their Competition Purse before confirming the overall booking. Where one or more of the Members has insufficient funds in their Competition Purse, BRS will highlight this as the booking cannot be completed. To complete the booking, the Member making the booking, must remove member(s) with insufficient funds.

  • When making a booking for a Semi Open competition the Member will be charged the entry fee for themselves and their Guests. It is up to the Member to decide whether they want to recoup the entry fee from their guests. Where a member is booking a line then they will be charged for all the guests.

  • Refunds:- As per decisions of the respective Committees the following cut-off times apply to receive a refund of entry fees where a Member or their guests are removed from the timesheet:-

  • For all club competitions including juniors Members have until 6.30pm the day before a competition starts

  • All Invitational/Semi Opens members have until 6.30pm two days before the Competition starts

Where a Member removes their name or their guest(s) name after this time then they are not entitled to receive a refund.

All Members attention is drawn to the fact that irrespective of the Refund Deadlines that normal Etiquette Rules still apply for the removal of a Members name from a Competition Timesheet.

  • A Member may add, remove or make amendments as often as they like to their Competition Booking and will only be charged the once.

  • All Members must have a Competition Purse to make a competition booking.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q) What happens if the course is closed, am I entitled to a refund.
A) Yes, your Competition Purse will be reimbursed
Q) What happens if I miss my tee time, do I get a refund.
A) No refunds will be given if a member misses their tee time
Q) What happens if it’s icy and the timesheet doesn’t start until 10am, do I get a refund.
A) All members who were due to play before 10am will have their Competition Purse reimbursed
Q) What happens if the course is closed due to an unexpected event e.g. lightning, do I get a refund.
A) Yes, your Competition Purse will be reimbursed
Q) Can I make a booking if there are zero funds in my Competition Purse?
A) Yes, your Competition Purse will be allowed to go to a negative balance of €5 which will allow you to make one competition booking before topping up again. 
Q) Can the competition purse be setup to make donations to charities during a competition e.g. 3Ts
A) No this is not possible, the Pro Shop will need to take the cash donation from the member
Q) Can the competition purse accept 2’s competition entry fee?
A) No this is not possible, the Pro Shop will need to take the cash for the 2’s competition
Q) I am unable to complete A booking on BRS for myself and 3 member playing partners, because one of my partners (a member) has insufficient funds, what do I do.
A) As one or more of the members have insufficient funds to pay the competition entry fee, the member making the booking has two options 1) cancel the whole booking or 2) remove the member(s) who have insufficient funds and complete the booking without them. Prior to making a booking it is the responsibility of each member to ensure they have sufficient funds in their Competition Purse to pay their Competition entry fee.
Q) Is there an appeals process for members to request a refund?
A) A letter will need to be written and addressed to the Honorary Competition Secretary of your respective club, providing all the details supporting a request for a refund.