The Competition will be played in SCOTCH FOURSOMES MATCH-PLAY format by
Gentlemen who have reached their 70th birthday on or before the 1st January, 2022.

Any Team which includes an ineligible player -

(a) in a match in the league/round robin stage of the competition, the team will be disqualified
from the relevant fixture and forfeit any points won in that fixture. In a case where the pairing
which included the ineligible player won their match, the opposing team will be awarded one
additional point;

(b) in a match in the knockout stage of the competition, will be disqualified from the
competition and the fixture awarded to the opposing team.

Teams will consist of 5 pairings. There will be NO handicap limit and a player’s current
handicap will apply. A player can not represent more than one Club.

As per Appendix C of the new WHS Handicap and CONGU Rules for Scotch Foursomes
Playing Handicaps for each pair will be 60% of the lower Course Handicap and 40% of the higher Course Handicap rounded to the nearest number for each pair.

After the completion of this calculation the Away team will receive an additional stroke per pair.
This additional stroke for away teams will also apply in any play-off matches; quarter and semifinal matches and where additional holes are required to decide such a match.

All matches must be played on or before the specified date.

Prior to the start of a match the respective Team Managers shall simultaneously exchange
the names of their teams, their handicaps and the order of play.

6.   TEES
The tees to be used will be determined by the Home Club.

The Home Club’s rule on the use of buggies must be observed.

No caddies are allowed. A Team Manager or Assistant Manager can offer advice to a player.

Such practice is encouraged but at the discretion of the Home Club.

These devices are permitted once they comply with GUI guidelines.

Depending on the number of entries, teams will be drawn in Groups and matches will be
played as per the schedule to be advised.

Home advantage will rest with the team on top of the draw. All 5 Group matches will be
played at the venue of the Home Club. Home advantage can be conceded if the Home Club is
unable to facilitate the playing of a match by the due date.

There will be a total of 5 points to be won in each match. Pairs will be awarded 1 point for a
win and ½ point for a half.

All 8 Group Winners will qualify for the quarter-finals. If there is a tie between two or more
teams for Group Winner in Groups 1 to 7, the tie will be decided by (i) the result of the match
between the tied teams, (ii) a play-off. If a tie occurs in Group 8 the tie will be broken by (i)
the result of the match between the tied teams, (ii) the number of away matches won; failing
that, (iii) the total number of away points scored; failing that, (iv) the toss of a coin. There will
not be a play-off to decide Group 8.

Any play-off match, the quarter and semi-finals will be decided by one match with one team
having 3 pairs at home and 2 away. The play-off, quarter and semi-final matches will be played to a finish with no halved matches.

13.   FINAL
Elm Park will host the final which will be played off the medal tees.

In the event of a tie following the final, the 5th match will re-commence play at the 1st hole
and the tie will be decided when either team wins a hole.

Results of all matches must be communicated by the winning team within 24 hours to Frank
Lyons by email [email protected] or by text message to 087 819 7751.

Participating teams should make every effort to field an eligible team for all matches. The
concession of a walk-over at the Group Stage could have a material effect on the outcome of a
Group and is not considered to be in the spirit of the competition. A Team Manager or Assistant
Manager who believes there may be an issue completing a tie should contact the Competition
Administrator at Elm Park at the earliest possible opportunity.

Where a Team Manager or Assistant Manager does not follow this procedure Elm Park
reserves the right to deal with the matter as it sees fit, including having an unplayed match
rescheduled; suspending the relevant Club from the competition and/or withdrawing it’s invitation from the relevant Club to participate in the competition in future years.

Matches shall be played in the order in which they appear in the draw unless permission is
obtained from Elm Park to do otherwise.

Elm Park reserves the right to alter and revise the rules as it sees fit.

In all disputes and all matters relating to the competition the decision of Elm Park Golf &
Sports Club shall be final.