Ladies Charity League Spring Season.

(09 Jan 2020)

We will try to accommodate all those interested on teams either as player or sub. The number of teams entered will reflect the need for six players and sufficient subs at each level. Rob Cherry has kindly offered to provide coaching for Charity League players, with provisional dates on the mornings of Monday 27th January, Monday 3rd February and (provisionally) Monday 10th February.

The Charity League is composed of four sections: 

Monday League - for ladies who have played DLTC league class 6/7 only or are that standard; 

Monday Non-League - for ladies who have not played in DLTC leagues in the past 5 years and who are not of league standard; 

Tuesday Non-League - for ladies who categorise themselves as "improvers" (ideal for players getting started in competitive tennis) 

Tuesday Advanced League - for ladies who have played DLTC class 4/5 or are that standard. 

Matches take place at 10am. The number of matches will depend on the number of teams from other clubs entered in the leagues. 

Sign Up Form for Charity League

Many thanks, 
Una Burke 
Charity League Co-ordinator



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