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(18 May 2020)

There have been vast hours given by so many people all over the country from governmental level down through sporting associations to club volunteers all over the country to get us to this point. To them all, we offer a sincere “thank you”. We have reached a point where casual tennis is now on offer, subject to certain restrictions. Provided guidelines are adhered to, restrictions will be lifted and we will get everyone back to tennis. This ought to be everyone’s objective. Failure may see an imposition of new restrictions.

We are privileged to be the first of two sports to be included in the Safe Return to Play programme. This puts the onus on us to demonstrate that players can participate in casual sport in a safe and responsible manner. With this responsibility, we need to show tolerance, patience, and courtesy to all those who are helping to make it possible for us to get back on court.

Tennis Ireland have issued a Safe Return to Play document which we would ask you to read and understand. Click below for Tennis Ireland Guidance. The Management Board of Elm Park have issued an email to you explaining how these guidance protocols will operate in our club. Both notifications outline the procedures from home to club and back -SAFELY.

Tennis Ireland Return to Play https://www.tennisireland.ie/2020/05/15/update-to-guidance-for-clubs-on-reopening-tennis-on-a-restricted-basis-15th-may-2020/

By making a Tennis court booking from the 13th May 2020, you confirm you have read and understood the Tennis Ireland Guidance, and agree to the terms of playing in Elm Park and you accept the associated risks under these circumstances.

Covid 19 is a major public health issue. New symptoms are being identified all the time and indeed people may be infected but asymptomatic. So we suggest that, in addition to displaying the well known symptoms of fever and cough, if you are in any way unwell, for example with a cold or headache, that you avoid playing. You need to protect yourself and all other members as best as possible. The
CaddyMasters will be in charge ensuring compliance with the new rules to keep us safe. You are asked to comply with instructions from the Caddymasters at all times.

You can help the Caddymasters by;

Court 1 is for the sole use of the Tennis Coaches. We wish to centralise all coaching on this court as it least disrupts other member’s games.
Booking only ONE HOUR slots. This is will help us manage the flow of members on site.
When booking your court register all the players who will be on court for your booking. This allows us to manage contact tracing.
Following the Yellow & Black Covid 19 signs at all times. If possible we will attempt to create designated entry/exit points for each court to reduce contact.
Leaving your court at the end of your booking period – no exceptions.
Bringing & using sanitisers.
For Contact Tracing purposes, valid personal contact details are absolutely essential. Please logon to MyCourts and ensure your details are correct.
Ensuring U18s have a Guardian on site at all times.
Guardians must also register with the Caddymaster, and be socially distant.
Not attempting to play without a booking.

Unfortunately in Phase 1, our members over 70 and others who are “cocooning” are deemed “extremely vulnerable” and are not permitted on the club grounds under Tennis Ireland protocols during Phase 1. We absolutely realise the disappointment that our very active and valued members over 70 may feel with this restriction. We thank you if you are in this group for your patience and we look forward to seeing you soon. You will be missed.

Keep your hands on your racket, anywhere else will spread germs on “Communal Areas” which are high risk areas for everyone. Do not handle tennis balls - other than your own.
The booking system will operate as follows for the next two weeks.

 MyCourt Bookings

MyCourts opens Weds 13th @ 7.00pm
Bookings from 7.00am to last booking 7.30pm (this will be reviewed as daylight extends)
Tuesdays & Thursdays (and subject to review) to allow time for mowing/relining Courts 8 and 9 will not open until 9.00am Courts 10-14 will not open until 10.00am
Dome courts 4 & 5 remain closed at all times.

For social distancing purposes Courts with an even number will start on the hour. The odd numbers will start on the half hour.

Members are not restricted to a number of bookings per week, but we would ask that you consider other members interests if you see heavy booking periods and you have already played twice in a week. The Tennis Committee will monitor bookings, to ensure fairness.

Finally we would like to acknowledge our pride in and thanks to all Tennis Members who have performed and continue to perform essential services in healthcare and elsewhere during this difficult time.

Follow the rules, and enjoy your game.

Sunniva & Brendan



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