Tennis Ball Machine update

(29 Nov 2017)
Dear Members,
The Tennis Ball Machine is back in action!
A video tutorial and PDF document on how to use the ball machine are located at the bottom of this email.
The ball machine, located on Court 1 in the green storage container is
operational and available for use by club members.
It is a fantastic way to practice your shots. If you need to work on a shot, it is often hard to get a practice partner to do this. Also if you have received coaching it may be difficult to go straight into a match without practice.
You can receive the code for the combination lock from the Caddy Master. The cost is €5 for the hour. This helps maintain the ball machine and replace tennis balls. NOTE: you must book Court 1 for the time you will be using the ball machine.
The ball machine is a valuable piece of equipment and we would ask members to take care of the machine and treat it with care, as the ball machine should be available for enjoyment by all members. Please only use the Tretorn balls provided, marked with "BM" written on them. 
Junior members must be with a Parent / Guardian to use the ball machine.

Ball Machine Guidelines Video......view
PDF Guidelines on

Diarmuid and Olwyn
Tennis Captains


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