Singles, Doubles & Mixed Adult Internal League Round Robins 2020

(09 Jan 2020)

Members can only enter one of the events.

Round robins are where players of similar standards are put into groups of 4 or 5 players and they play each other over a period of time, normally 6 weeks.

After the 6 weeks, a new round will commence where players will move boxes depending on how they have done. Players must arrange their own matches and can play anytime day/time within the 6 week time frame.

They are open to all adult tennis members and junior tennis members born in 2005 or earlier of every standard whether league or non-league standard players. All new members are welcome – it is a great way to meet club members and enjoy your tennis.

if you have not already signed up please sign up in this link 
Closing date for the Singles, Doubles & Mixed Internal League Round Robin sign up is Friday 10th January



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