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Rob Cherry
5 minute dynamic warm up for tennis: dynamic rather than static as this will help you to activate key muscle groups you will use on court and reduce injury.
What is one of the most popular high percentage shots that you can hit in singles and in doubles?
It's the crosscourt shot.
3 reasons to hit crosscourt
1. The net is lowest in the middle
2. You are hitting into the longest part of the court
3. It can make your opponent move more
Following are some serve drills to help you improve aspects of your serve such as the ball toss,
contact point, racquet speed and more.
30+ Serve Drills from Fellow Coaches and I
Tactics for Singles and Doubles play
When do I go to the net?
If my partner moves to the right do I also go to the right or stay?
Do I hit crosscourt or down the tramlines?
What is the 'Australian' serve formation?

I hope you will find the answers to these and many other questions in my guides on:-
Doubles Tactics
Doubles Formations
Singles Tactics


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