Competition Results 2015

  Boys Girls
08/02/15-9Hole Comp.    
1st Harry Cullen(25) 23pts Ciara Walsh(14) 17pts
15/02/15-9Hole Comp.    
1st Sean Kearns(23)18pts (bck3) Emma Thorne(18) 18pts
2nd Jamie MacMahon 8pts  
20/02/15- 15 Hole Comp    
1st  Harry Cullen(25) 38pts Caroloine Sheedy(36) 24pts
2nd Nick Gleeson(11) 35 pts Gwen McArdle(36) 14 pts
3rd David Fitzgibbon(17) 33pts Caoimhe O'Shea(36) 11pts
22/02/5- 12Hole Comp    
1st Sean Kearns(23)26pts Jennifer O'Brien(32) 20pts
2nd Connell Gallagher(22)25pts Sarah O'Dea(36) 18pts


08/03/15- 15 hole Comp    
1st Harry Cullen (25) 39pts Emma Thorne(18)28pts(bck9)
2nd Robert Galligan(6) 28pts Hannah Reidy(21) 28pts
15/03/15-13 Hole Comp.    
1st Sean Kearns(23) 30pts Anna Dignam(30) 25pts
2nd Kevin McArdle(15) 27pts Aoife Boden (20) 24pts
~9Hole Comp Winner   Anna Tripp
1st Sean Kearns(23) 35pts Anna Dignam(30) 36pts
2nd Eoghan Ryan (27) 34pts Anna Twomey (36) 36pts
1st Sean Kearns(23) 28 pts

Anna Foster(17) 24ptS

2nd Eoghan Ryan(27) 21pts JenniferO'Brien(32)23pts
1st Sean Kearns (23) 38pts Anna Foster(17) 38pts
2nd Micheal Kearns(8) 38pts Emma Flemming (24) 33pts
3rd James Flemming(13) 37pts Leah Temple Lang (17)32pts
1st Mark Hernan (22) 40 pts Aoife Boden (20) 38 pts
2nd jack Quilligan (7) 36  
Boys U14 h'cap winner Mark O'brien (14) 34pts  
1st Tim MacMahon (21) 42pts Anna Foster(16) 41pts
2nd Stephen Grogan (26) 38pts Anna Dignam(30) 38pts
3rd Jack Quilligan (7)38pts Aoife Boden (19) 37pts
1st Tim MacMahon(19) 46pts Emma Flemming(24) 44pts
2nd Matthew Healy(17) 42pts Jennifer O'Brien(32)32pts
3rd Jamie MacMahon(  ) 38pts   
1st James Flemming(13)40pts Jennifer O'Brien (32)36pts
2nd Eoghan Ryan(27)38pts Ailbhe Kenny(32)35pts
3rd Matthew Healy(16)38pts  
1st Mark O'Brien (14) 42pts Leah Temple Lang (17) 36pts
2nd Aengus McCarthy (19) 41pts Lily Farrell (21) 36pts
1st  Harry Cullen (25)46pts Leah Temple Lang(16) 36pts
2nd Stephen Grogan(26) 41pts  
1st Kevin McArdle(14) 41pts Jennifer O'Brien(30) 40pts
2nd Sean Kearns(22) 41pts  
1st Brian MacMahon(15)39pts Lily Farrell(20) 35pts
1st Sean Kearns(20)39pts Anna Foster(10) 34pts


Jamie MacMahon(28)40pts Amy Barret(35) 37pts
2nd Matthew Morrisey(18)40pts Rachel Moore 914)36pts
U14 h'cap 1st  Christopher Cosgrave (9) 37pts  
1st Matthew O'Brien(26)39pts Anna Foster (10) 39pts
2nd Brian Mac Mahon(15) 38pts  
3rd Matthew Morrisey(17)37pts  
U14h'cap 1st Nick Gleeson(11) 43pts  
1st Matthew O'Brien(25) 46pts Ailbhe Ryan(36) 28pts
2nd Niall Treacy(18) 43pts  
3rd Robert Gilsenan(12) 40pts  
1st Harry Cullen(22) 42pts Lucy MacMahon(27) 40pts
2nd Jake Turley(20) 39pts Hannah Reidy(21)37pts
3rd Cian Ryan(27)39pts  
1st Matthew O'Brien Jenny Murphy
2nd Cian Ryan  
1st Aengus Mc Carthy(19)44pts Zoe Emerson(36) 36pts
2nd Mark Foster(20) 41pts Isabelle Mc Carthy(36)33pts
3rd Tim Sheedy (17) 40pts  
1st Jack Small (6) 40pts  
2nd Michael Kearns (8)39pts  
3rd Conor O'Mara (5) 37pts  
3/7/15- Jim Heff    
1st Tim Macmahon Emma Flemming
2nd Mark Foster Isabelle McCarthy
3rd Daniel Grogan Laura Buckley
10/7/15 -Pro's Prize    
1st Sean Kearns Emma Flemming
2nd Jamie MacMahon Louise Boden
3rd James Flemming Emma Thorne  
17/7/15 Dylan Fitzgibbon Emma Flemming
  Ronan Cowhey  
24/7/15-Jnr Liason Prz    
1st Robert Gilsenan Lily Farrell
2nd Aengus McCarthy Caroline Sheedy
3rd Daid FitzGibbon Aoife Boden
1st Sean Kearns Leah Temple Lang
2nd David Fitzgibbon    
1st Jake Turley Zoe Connolly
2nd Robert Sheedy Leah Quilligan
3rd Dylan Fitzgibbon Leah temple Lang
Blue Tees Conor Cowhey  
1st Thomas Quinn Leah Quilligan
2nd Eoin Gleeson Zoe Emerson
3rd Daniel Gogan Hannah Gleeson
1st Sean Kearns Jennifer O'Brien
2nd Christopher Cosgrave  
14/08/15 Captains prz to juniors    
1st Peter Hernan Leah Quilligan
2nd Cian Ryan Ciara Walsh
3rd Jack Quilligan Lucy MacMahon
21/08/15 Junior Captains prize    
1st David Fitzgibbon Kate Nagle
2nd Robert Sheedy Ciara Ryan 
3rd Cian Ryan  
28/08/15  Junior  Club Championship    
1st Michael Kearns Aoife Boden
2nd Ronan Cowhey Ciara Walsh
3rd Cian Poland Sophie Moore
1st Nathan Gallagher46pts Jennifer O'Brien36pts
2nd Jamie MacMahon46pts Emma Thorne 33pts
3rd Fintan Gunne43pts Ailbhe Kenny 31pts
1st Max Patterson 38pts Anna Foster 35pts
2nd Eamon Cullimore 37pts Ailbhe Kenny 30pts
18/10/5 (12hole)    
1st  Ronan Cowhey 28pts Emma Flemming 29pts
2nd Mark Atkinson26pts Emma Thorne 18 pts
1st Ronan Cowhey 29pts Emma Flemming 26pts
2nd James flemming 28pts   
1st Patrick Curley 32pts Hannah Reidy 26pts
2nd Michael Kearns 31pts  



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