In the Archives

The content of ‘In the Archives’ is produced and managed by the History and Archive Committee.
The Committee was formed in 2011 to collect and safeguard relevant information, documents, photographs, newspaper clippings, artefacts, etc. relating to the fabric and heritage of Elm Park Golf & Sports Club.

Each item received into the archive collection is recorded in a database and issued with a unique Tracking Number for search and retrieval purposes. Where possible, items are scanned and recorded digitally on computer while physical items such as trophy cups, golf clubs, etc are held in a lock-up facility in the clubhouse.

The Archive Committee is still open to receiving content for the club archive. Do you, or your family members, have photos, memorabilia, etc relating to the club and/or members of the club? If so please contact us to discuss how best to proceed. Items can be donated to keep, donated long term/return, loaned to be scanned/originals returned.

The Archive Committee can be contacted by email at           

Archiving at Home
The H&A Committee adopts best practices in the archiving and storage of its collections and is pleased to be able to pass on some of these practices for members to use on family collections, see  Home Archival hints







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