Ring Competition

Ring Competition 2018

Ladies, due to its success over the last three years we are running the “Ring Competition” again this year.

HOW IT WORKS:   Over the course of the season (1st April – 14th Sept.) in the specified qualifying competitions (these are listed on the website under Ring qualifying competitions and also on the notice board in the Ladies locker room), each entrant records her best gross score achieved on each of the 18 holes.  If a better score is achieved at a later date on a hole that has been previously “ringed”, that score can be recorded by crossing out the previous score and inserting the new score but each player is only permitted to change a score on each hole once. At the end of the season the person who has returned the lowest nett score is deemed the winner(and there will be a winner in each class).

HOW TO RECORD SCORES:  Each entrant must record her score on the spreadsheet displayed on the Ladies Notice Board.  Record your score by writing your gross score in the appropriate Column i.e. Hole 3 etc. and “ring” it or circle it on your scorecard.

ENTRY FEE:  The fee to enter the competition is €5.

Please write your name and place €5 in the brown envelope below and insert the envelope in the Ladies Entry Box.

CLOSING DATE:     12th March 2018



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