Golfer of the Year

Elm Park Golfer of the Year 2017 Rules

This competition is to acknowledge the most consistent golfer of the year. It will be based on the results of the singles competitions throughout the year listed below.


The player with the highest aggregate score at the end of the competition year will be declared the winner. The winners’ name will be engraved on the Golfer of the Year Honours Board and will receive a trophy. There is also a prize for the Runner-up. In the event of a tie the contender with the highest score on the Lady Captain’s Day will be declared the winner.


The following categories of the Lady Membership are eligible to compete, 7 Day, 5 Day and Associate.  Note that Under 32’s, Students and Juniors are not eligible for Ladies GOY.


The scoring for each competition will be indicated on the chart below.

Disqualification from a GOY competition automatically results in zero GOY points for the disqualified player.

Compensation Scoring

As the Lady Captain and Lady Vice-Captain do not compete in their own competitions, they will be awarded double points for their returned cards in the Professional’s Prize

Competition Scoring

Competitions run over 18 holes start on the 19th March and finish on 15th September 2016.

In the event of an 18 hole competition not being a qualifying competition (i.e. no CSS issued) the course standard scratch will be used to compute points.

Lady Captain’s Prize

When the Lady Captain’s prize is held over two days GOY points will be awarded to 7 Day Lady and Associate Members for both days  and 5 Day Lady Members will be awarded points for the one day Lady Captain’s prize to the 5 Day Lady Members.

For each stroke less than CSS + 10

CSS of the Day                                  80

1 over CSS                                         70

2 over CSS                                         60

3 over CSS                                         50

4 over CSS                                         40

5 over CSS                                         30

6 over CSS                                         20

7 over CSS                                         10


                                                                                                                        Ladies Committee



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