Junior Tennis 10s Event 2019

Please be advised that the following Tennis 10’s events are available for on-line entry: 

Please note that in all Tennis 10’s events players may only play in ONE singles event and usually by their Date of Birth unless they have a Tennis Ireland Players Passport 

U8 = born 2011 / 2012 

U9 = born 2010 

U10 = born 2009 

If any of the links don’t work go to  http://ti.tournamentsoftware.com

Leopardstown Junior Open 

27 July – 03 August 

ENTRIES open until 24th July 

U8, u9, u10 & also PHOENIX events u12 & u14 for older siblings 

U10 are expected to play both days. Day 1 will be weekend of 27/28 july and day 2 will be during the week 


Shankill Junior Open 

03 - 10 August 

U9, u10 and Phoenix events u12 & u14 for older siblings 

U10 are expected to attend both days which will be the Sat/Sun 3/4 Aug 


2019 Hunters Estate Agents – Donnybrook Junior Open 

9-17 August 

U9, u10 

U10 is a 2 day event 


Clontarf LTC u10 OPEN 

MON/TUE 26/27 August 

This is an event for u10 

There are TWO levels of competition 

ONE day Round Robin for Boys & girls BSu10 or GSu10 

TWO day MATCHPLAY for boys and girls who have achieved their Level 1 or Level 2 Match Record card. This is achieved by playing matches 

Only those players who hold a level 1 or 2 card may enter this event. ALL players in this event must be available both the Monday and Tuesday 


If you need your card updating please send it in to the Leinster office for the attention of Julie-Anne Hudson 

Julie-Anne willl also be at Sutton u10’s this coming Sunday 

Coming soon 

Thai Gold Wexford HBC Tennis 10’s 

ONE day only Sunday 18th august 

U8, u9, u10 

If you have any queries please email tennisadmin@elmpark.ie 

Many thanks, 

Emmanuelle Fitzsimons 
Tennis Administrator 
089 239 5486 



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