Court usage by Juniors

With the availability of the Dome courts we feel it is important that junior and adult members are fully aware of our junior members’ entitlements to court usage and in particular access to the Dome.  Our juniors are the future of the club, and we want to see them taking full advantage of our great facilities in a safe environment.

The updated rules for court usage by junior members’ are as follows:

• Junior members under 12 years of age cannot play tennis on Dome courts 4 & 5 unless supervised at all times by an adult. 

• Juniors 12 years of age and older can play tennis on Dome courts 4 & 5 without adult supervision.

• Groups of no more than eight juniors can play tennis in the dome at any one time unless under adult supervision.

• Eligible juniors have access to play tennis in Dome courts 4 & 5 on the same basis as adult members up to 6pm, except on Sundays up to 2pm when adult members shall have priority.  

• Juniors have access to grass courts, and hardcourts 2-3, on the same basis as adult members, except on Sundays up to 2pm when adult members shall have priority.

• On all other outdoor hardcourts 1, and Clay courts 6 & 7, junior members may avail of bookings up to 6pm.  After this time these courts are available to junior members only if not required by  adult members and must be vacated by Juniors if adult members so request. 

• An adult can book and play with a junior member at any time.

The Caddymaster is responsible for ensuring any issues that may arise are resolved in line with the above rules.  Junior members not following the above rules or the code of conduct outlined in the clubs Junior charter will be subject to disciplinary measures.  League matches, challenge matches, and club organised tournaments all have priority over all other play.  The Tennis Committee will try to ensure that courts are pre-booked online for these events.  

Our online court booking system will continue to take absolute priority.  Most of all we want our juniors to enjoy their tennis in Elm Park and by being mindful of the above rules we believe they will.

Elm Park Tennis Committee


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