Junior Committee and Management

Your Junior Committee for 2018 is as follows:

Junior Captains: Seán Brennan and Rachel Moore

Boys: Brian MacMahon, Jack Small, Daniel Grogan, Seán Kearns and James Maguire

Girls: Rachael McDonnell, Hannah Gleeson, Amy Barrett, Leah Temple-Lang and Emma Thorne

The Junior Committee are approachable at all times with anything from minor queries to major concerns. We are making it our mission to have atleast one committee member to be present at all competition entries in order for the younger members to familiarise themselves with the older juniors.

The Junior Golf Management Committee for 2018 is below:

Junior Liaison Officers: David Cowhey and Anne Cooke

Committee Members: Michael Turley, Jacqui Tripp, Rob McCarthy, Yvonne Sheedy, Tony O'Shea, Bernie Grogan and Mark Thorne

The JGMC do an untold amount of work for all us juniors and we owe so much to them for all our competition times, casual playing times and budgets for the year. They all have kids your own age and are approachable with anything questions you might have. They're also the managers of most of our teams so they'll be keeping an eye on all scores to try find boys and girls for the various teams!


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