Fred Perry

Managers: Kevin Donovan & Tony Connolly

Date: 27th March 14:00

Opponent: Charlesland

Home & Away: 2 matches at home & 3 away

Link to draw:

Basic Rules

Team consists of 10 players aged 55 year or over on Jan 1st
Four-Ball better ball Match Play

Handicap - Must have held a handicap of 28 or lower in the previous calendar year
Lowest handicap in the previous calendar year is the handicap applicable for the purposes of the competition.
Combined handicap must not exceed 42. Combined pairs exceeding this limit are ineligible to play (dropping down in handicap for these purposes is not permitted).

Handicap Allowances - Lowest handicapped player goes to scratch . Other players are allocated 90% of the difference between the lowest handicapped player and their own.

Each player must have had a minimum of 4 returns in qualifying competitions recorded last year.



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