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The Elm Park Grasscourt Club championships is the clubs premier event.  The first annual "At Home" was held in 1926 on the new hardcourts at the Merrion club.  At the end of 1933 the club closed its doors with the sale of the site for the building of St. Vincents hospital.

In 1937 the club held its first club championships down the road at Nutley House where the club is to the present day.  We are in the process of researching the winners from the past. If you have any information to add or any corrections please contact .  Below are the singles results:

Elm Park Tennis Club
Perpetual Challenge Singles Championships
Year Men's Ladies Year Men's Ladies
1926 Dr. King Miss Dunne 1975 Willie Browne Maedbh McEvoy
1927-31 No records No records 1976 Ken Fitzgibbon Maedbh McEvoy
1932 E. I.Harte Barry Miss D. O'Connor 1977 Ken Fitzgibbon Maedbh McEvoy
1933 E. O. Barry Miss D. O'Connor 1978 Willie Browne Helen Lennon
1934-36 No competition No competition 1979 Ken Fitzgibbon Maedbh McEvoy
1937 Raymond Egan Miss N. Delaney 1980 Ken Fitzgibbon Helen Lennon
1938 A. E. Fannin Miss D. Hunt 1981 Ken Fitzgibbon Breeda Claffey
1939   Maire Ely O'Connor 1982 Robin Gibney Maria Byrne
1940 R. H. Douglas Maire Ely O'Connor 1983 Robin Gibney Isabel Roche
1941 D. D. O'Sullivan Maire Ely O'Connor 1984 Robin Gibney Michelle Buckley
1942 D. D. O'Sullivan Maire Ely O'Connor 1985 Brendan Browne Annmarie O'Grady
1943     1986 Ken Fitzgibbon Breeda Claffey
1944 F. A. Hern P. Doran 1987 Ken Fitzgibbon Breeda Claffey
1945 J. J. Fitzgibbon Mary Nichols 1988 Ken Fitzgibbon Rachel McDonogh
1946 J. J. Fitzgibbon Mary Nichols 1989 Jimmy McDonogh Rachel McDonogh
1947 J. J. Fitzgibbon Mary Nichols 1990 Jimmy McDonogh Joanne Murnaghan
1948 J. J. Fitzgibbon Mary Nichols 1991 Robin Gibney Sandra Shaw
1949 J. J. Fitzgibbon Mrs E. H. Maynard 1992 Robin Gibney Kristine Lawlow
1950     1993 Ken Fitzgibbon Kristine Lawlor
1951   D. Scally 1994 Joe Cummiskey Jnr Anne-Marie Hogan
1952 T. K. Megan Sheila Gorevan 1995 Ken Fitzgibbon Anne-Marie Hogan
1953 T. K. Megan Mrs Sheila de Courcy 1996 John Shorten Anne-Marie Hogan
1954 T. K. Megan Muriel Kennedy 1997 Ken Fitzgibbon Anne-Marie Hogan
1955 Dudley Fisher Muriel Kennedy 1998 Robin Gibney Anne-Marie Hogan
1956 G. Walker Mrs June Counihan 1999 Robin Gibney Laura Shilling
1957 Thomond Mockler* Maura O'Flaherty* 2000 Diarmuid Cunningham Sandra Shaw
1958 Thomond Mockler Joyce Duffy 2001 Brian Claffey Mary Boden
1959 Thomond Mockler Anne Peppard 2002 John Shorten Sandra Shaw
1960 M. Carr Joyce Duffy 2003 John Shorten Sandra Shaw
1961 Gerry Fitzpatrick Anne Peppard 2004 Brian Claffey Mary Boden
1962 Gerry Fitzpatrick Annette O'Gorman 2005 Morgan Dunne Virginaia Costello
1963 Willie Browne Patricia O'Gorman 2006 Aidan Claffey Jenny Claffey
1964 Harry Cummins Patricia O'Gorman 2007 Robin Gibney Jenny Claffey
1965 Willie Browne Patricia O'Gorman 2008 Peter Lowther Jenny Claffey
1966 Willie Browne Patricia O'Gorman 2009 Peter Lowther Deirdre Howett
1967 Willie Browne Patricia O'Gorman 2010 Conor Gibney Jean Twohig
1968 Bobby Keogh Patricia O'Gorman 2011 Killian McCrea Victoria O'Gorman
1969 Willie Browne Patricia O'Gorman 2012 Conor Gibney Victoria O'Gorman
1970 Willie Browne Annette O'Gorman 2013 Andrew Cummiskey Sandra Shaw
1971 Willie Browne Annette O'Gorman 2014 Killian McCrea Jean Twohig
1972 Willie Browne Annette O'Gorman 2015 Brian Claffey Sandra Shaw
1973 Peter Ledbetter Joyce Pender 2016 Joe Cummiskey Lisa Sheridan
1974 Willie Browne Maureen Smithwick 2017 Brian Claffey Victoria O'Gorman



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