Winter League 2020 Rules

(03 Dec 2019)



The Competition will run for six weeks (Fri-Sun) during January and February 2020
The Competition is open to Full Members, 5 Day Members (by entering the Friday supplemental), U32s, Students and Juniors members.
Entry to the Winter League series is on payment of €5 entry fee (€3 for Students / Juniors). Only entrants to the Winter League series can win aggregate prizes.
There will be 12 Holes played in each of the 6 weeks.
Scoring will be on a standard Singles Stableford format, using the 12-hole scorecard.
4 groups (referred to hereafter as ‘Classes’) will be created in line with the Classes for the Monthly Medal Competition. U32 Members will compete within these Classes. There will be a separate group for Students / Juniors.
There will be weekly prizes for the 1stst and 2ndnd in each Class, a weekly Gross prize and a weekly prize for Student / Junior competitors. 
There will also be overall Winter League prizes for 1stst, Gross, 2ndnd and 3rd, for 1st in each Class, and for 1st Students / Juniors. 
A player can win a maximum of two prizes only over the tournament.
Winter League entrants paying the entry fee of €5 (€3 Student / Junior) at the start of the competition will be eligible for aggregate prizes at the end of the League. 
Weather permitting there will be 6 counting competitions. Aggregate prizes will be based on the best 4 scores out of 6 (or 3 out of 5 depending on weather) In the event of a countback being needed, the order is the best 4 of 6, best 3 of 6, best 2 of 6 etc.
A competition will only be abandoned for that weekend if the Saturday is cancelled due to bad weather.
Student / Junior members are encouraged to play at a reduced weekly entry fee of €3. They will be eligible to win a weekly Student / Junior individual prize or the Gross. Those who pay €3 to enter the Winter League series will also be eligible to win the aggregate gross. Student / Juniors may play on Saturdays if playing representative matches for the club on Sunday, or if they have a handicap of <10.
In the event of a tie standard count back rules apply, based on last 9,6,3 holes on the card
Throughout the Winter League tournament, the organizing committee will make the final decision on all issues relating to the Winter League.

Organising Committee: Don O’Higgins, David Brophy, Andrew Buckley, Danny Buckley, Michael Tighe, Tim Maher


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