Digital Collections

Reports, Newsletters, Honour Boards, Pennants & Shields
The substantial collection of data under the above headings can be accessed on the left side of this page or from the links below.
Annual Reports & Accounts
Club Reports & Competition Results
Elm Park Newsletters
Honour Boards
Pennants & Shields 

Documents-Memorabilia-Ephemera collections
If content is not already received in softcopy form e.g. photographs in .jpg files, it is a key objective of the Archive Committee that as much content as possible will be scanned and stored in digital form to make it more easily accessable for members to view. Collections of documents, letters, memorabilia and ephemera can be found under the links below.
Club History
Club selection
Golf selection
Tennis selection
Other interests

The content on display is but a small selection from the greater volume of material collected. Further items will be added over time.

Photographic collection
In order to best display the collection of photographic material in the archives, the Archive Committee has used a third-party display system called Flickr.

Within the Elm Park Golf & Sports Club section on Flickr there are five albums:
Club history   Club collection   Golf collection   Tennis collection   Other interests

  Members are invited to click on the Flickr logo
  then select an album of choice to view its photographic collection.  



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