Tennis & Social Membership Applications

Please complete the Application Form below including letters of support from your sponsors.

A Current Full Golf or Full Tennis Member may sponsor up to 2 candidates for election in Social or Tennis Membership categories per month. Sponsors must have a minimum 3 years Full membership in order to be eligible to support a new member application.
  • A New membership applicant must include 3 sponsors with a letter of support from each sponsor.
  • Appliations sought from current golf, tennis or social members need only include one letter of support.
  • Applications sought for Junior tennis membership may seek support from our Tennis Professional, Rob Cherry.
Junior Tennis members must be 8 years old at time of application.

For assitance please contact the Membership Team on 01 269 3438 (option 6) or email

Social & Tennis Membership Applications

Please select the relevant Membership Category from the list above. Junior Tennis Applicants must 8 years of age.
If re-joining please state Year resigned and Membership Status at time of resignation
For Junior Tennis Membership applications only
Junior Tennis membership applicants must include parent/guardian mobile
Please list your 3 sponsors names - sponsors must have 3 years membership in either Full Golf or Tennis Membership.Junior Tennis Applicants may request Rob Cherry, Tennis Professional to support their application.
Please submit letter of support from your 1st Sponsor
Please submit letter of support from your 2nd Sponsor
Please submit letter of support from your 3rd Sponsor
Please list all existing Family members and their current membership category
Any sporting interests and sporting achievements. including playing in DLTC Leagues
Including lapsed membership of other sporting clubs
I hereby consent to receive communication of any notice or other communication (including without lilmitation, notices of general meeting of the Company and the Club and copies of the Company's and Club Accounts and the reports thereon)
By submitting this application I agree to abide by the Irish Anti-Doping Rules
I confirm that I am prepared, if selected to represent Elm Park